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Text Box: Etiquette

¨ Black Tie invited – you should wear formal attire (a tuxedo and accessories).


¨ Pants have a grosgrain silk or satin trim down the outside of the leg.  Pants should also dictate the   color of your shoes.


¨ Wing collar shirts – the top wings should be behind the bow tie, not on top of it.  The wing shirt is more formal over the laydown collar.


¨ Afternoon is a lighter dress – morning coats (cutaways) grey, white tuxedos.


¨ Tuxedo jackets that have more than one button the bottom button is left unbuttoned.


¨ Formal footwear – patent leather or polished oxfords.


¨ Single button jackets are traditional but men six feet or taller may be interested in a double breasted to emphasis their height.


¨ Cruises – formal night wear a tuxedo or a dinner jacket.

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